Square Enix Final Fantasy XV: Day One Edition (PS4) Review

Square Enix Final Fantasy XV: Day One Edition (PS4)Get ready to be at the centre of the ultimate dream adventure. Enter the globe of Square Enix Final Fantasy XV: Day One Edition (PS4), and also experience legendary action-packed fights along your trip of exploration. You are Noctis, the Crown Royal prince of the Kingdom of Lucis, and also your pursuit is to recover your homeland from the clutches of the imperial army.

Square Enix Final Fantasy XV: Day One Edition (PS4) Joined by your closest good friends, you will certainly take the wheel as well as experience a voyage like no other, travelling via the awesome globe of Eos experiencing larger-than-life monsters as well as unforgiving enemies. You will certainly discover how to grasp the skills of weapons and also magic, funneling the power of your ancestors enabling you to easily warp through the air in thrilling battle.

Fresh faces and long-time followers, satisfy your destiny as well as experience an all new kind of dream.

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Last Fantasy XV

Square Enix Final Fantasy XV: Day One Edition (PS4), Enroute to joined his fiancée Luna on a roadtrip with his friends, Royal prince Noctis is suggested by report that his homeland has actually been attacked and also taken over under the false pretense of a tranquility treaty– which he, his enjoyed one and his dad King Regis, have been slain through the opponent.

To collect the toughness should reveal the truth and also redeem his homeland, Noctis and also his loyal friends must get over a series of obstacles in an incredible open globe – that is loaded with larger-than-life animals, fantastic wonders, varied cultures as well as treacherous opponents.


Noctis: Successor evident to the Lucian throne, Noctis’s tests start when he sets forth from the crown city in order to wed the Girl Lunafreya Nox

Fleuret. In combat, he possesses spooky weapons which he builds from slim air, a power possessed by those of his royal line.

Gladiolus: The Amicitia family has actually long functioned as the guard safeguarding the kings of Lucis as well as their family, and also Gladiolus is its eldest child. The bond he shares with Noctis goes beyond that of a bodyguard as well as his liege. With his vast toughness, he stands ever before prepared to maintain his buddies from damage.

Ignis: Ignis was increased together with Prince Noctis to be consultant to the beneficiary apparent. An extensive education instilled in him the ingenuity and also calmness required for the duty, his tactical acumen proving very useful over the course of the prince’s trip.

Prompto: Fast friends with Noctis considering that they met as teens, Prompto is a young man of typical birth who finds himself from his deepness when catastrophe falls upon Lucis. Nevertheless, he strives to bring more than his own weight, lightening his friends’ concerns along with their spirits.

Luna: Luna made many fond memories with Noct in their childhood years, however their days of innocence finished quickly when the empire surpassed her home of Tenebrae. Via adversity, she came to be the youngest Oracle in background. Adored and also appreciated all over the world, she now travels in search of communion with the gods to assist Noct on his journey.

Regis: The reigning monarch of the Kingdom of Lucis, Regis increased his child, Prince Noctis, on his very own. For lengthy years, he has actually maintained the Wall, an enchanting barrier that encases the Crown City, safeguarding it from intrusion. Nevertheless, disaster would befall him at the treaty signing with Niflheim, during which he was supposedly killed.

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  • Bonus Downloadable Content – Masamune sword. Add the legendary Masamune to your arsenal and cut foes down to size!
  • Engage In Action-Packed Battles: Customise your array of weapons and use each character’s unique assists in an exciting real-time battle system, that is both user-friendly and with depth to explore. Warp around the battlefield landing tactical strikes, special moves and conjure ever-more-powerful spells, as your party progresses in its experience.
  • Embark On A Journey Without Limits: Take the wheel and drive from the capital to the back roads with your best friends, or venture out on foot to discover a vast landscape of teeming wildlife, dangerous caverns and living cities full of adventure.
  • Experience Unbreakable Bonds: As Noctis, feel connections strengthen as you and your friends grow closer along the journey. Reclaiming ones homeland relies on strength and courage, and most importantly togetherness. Perform powerful cooperative moves in battle and revel in the teamwork displayed by Noctis and his friends.

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